Five Disciplines of Chess: CHECKMATE Lesson

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Last week, I streamed a lesson on CHECKMATE, the first of the Five Disciplines of Chess. This is always a favorite lesson for my newer students! In it, I cover what I call "In-Your-Face Mate," "In-Your-Cheek Mate," and "In-Your-EAR Mate," plus the classic Back-Rank Mate and Smothered Mate.

Join me on Kickstarter Live tonight (6:30pm Pacific) for another lesson!

That's right, each week, I'm doing another lesson on the Five Disciplines of chess. Tonight will be a lesson on a subject often neglected among new players: DEFENSE!

Of course, if you have any questions about chess or Coach Jay's Chess Academy, send them in and I'll make sure to answer them on the live stream! There are still some Early Bird Specials available an this course won't be available again until 2018, so don't miss out on your child getting to experience the benefits of chess!

Here's the lesson!