Hi, I'm Coach Jay and Here's What's Coming Next!


Welcome to Coach Jay's Chess Academy! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Coach Jay and have taught over 35,000 kids to play chess. Over that time, I've learned a LOT and have now decided to try to take some of what I've learned and pass it on to you! Whether you are parent, coach or student, I am certain you'll find something useful here in the coming weeks.

For Parents:

I'm wrapping up my first book, How to Teach Your Kid Chess which you can find under the "Parents Resources" section of this website or at TeachYourKidChess.com. It will be available on Amazon and everywhere you find books soon, but in the meantime, I'm giving away 1000 copies, so make sure to download a copy for yourself and pass the link on to any other parents whose children you think need to learn to play this great game!

Additionally, I'm in the process of gathering many of the tools that can help you as a chess parent under the "For Parents" tab at the top of this page. In the next couple weeks, you'll begin to see this section fleshed out with:

  • A free copy of the e-book How to Teach Your Kid Chess for the the first 1000 chess parents who claim it
  • A local chess coach and club directory (UPDATE: it's currently live!)
  • Worksheets and lessons that you can use with your kids
  • A number of research materials related to the benefits of chess
  • EARLY ACCESS to my upcoming course Coach Jay's Chess Academy, an adaptation of the complete curriculum that I use in my classes
  • AND a list of helpful links to outside resources that every chess parent should know about

For Coaches:

I've been in your shoes for 23+ years and I know the challenges that come along with the joy and excitement of empowering youth to grow through chess. I've found tricks, systems, processes and resources that have helped me immensely over the years and I want to pass them on to you!

Over the next few weeks, you'll see the "For Coaches" section start to fill up with free resources such:

  • A place to add yourself or your club to my Find a Coach or Club directory (UPDATE: It's currently live--find the link under the "For Coaches" tab up top!)
  • Best practices I've developed over the years for building your program
  • Useful templates for forms, proposals, flyers, etc.
  • Tournament documents for tournaments ranging from small quads to large state championships like the annual SoCal Superstates Championship I've run for years
  • Tips to managing classes of all sizes and ages
  • Lessons, worksheets and games you can use with your students

My new Coach Jay's Chess Academy Course

I'm extremely excited to soon be launching a Kickstarter for my Coach Jay's Chess Academy course! It's everything I teach in my classes, but adapted for use at home. I'm proud of this--I've developed this curriculum over 23+ years and it's been tested and refined on over 35,000 students.

Here's a sneak peek at the video for the Kickstarter launching September 12th.


Thank You

I've met hundreds of coaches over my career and I can't tell you how much your support and encouragement has meant to me. For years, many of you have been asking me to make my curriculum available (some of you even have convinced me to print copies on my home printer for you!) and I'm excited to finally be able to provide this for you.

My passion is empowering youth to grow through chess. It's the mission statement of my non-profit California Youth Chess League. That's why I want to give away as many resources as possible. For every parent or coach who downloads and uses any of my resources, that's at least one child who will discover the joys of chess. I hope my legacy will be one of bringing the game of chess, and many, many young minds, to life!

I'll CHECK you later!

Coach Jay