Five Disciplines of Chess: TACTICS Lesson

Tactics Lesson.png

Over the last couple weeks, I've been streaming a series of videos on Kickstarter Live covering The Five Disciplines of Chess. I saved my favorite for last--Tactics! 

In this lesson, I introduce students to some of the key tactical tools in the chessplayer's toolbox: forks, pins, skewers, discovered check, discovered attacks and more. This is a fun lesson and I hope you (and your kids/students) enjoy it!

In my 23+ years as a chess coach, I've found that my students LOVE tactics. Exciting sacrifices, winning combinations, coming back from behind with some brilliant tactical surprise--they love it all! BUT, an over reliance on tactics, while neglecting fundamentally sound strategy, being unable to convert a material advantage (thanks to their tactics) into a winning endgame and forgetting to defend against their opponent's tactics is part of what inspired me to create The Five Disciplines of Chess

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Here's the lesson!