Five Disciplines of Chess: ENDGAME Lesson

Endgame Lesson.png

Last week, I streamed a lesson on Endgames, the fourth of my lessons on the Five Disciplines of Chess. Endgames are tricky... late in the game, the focus of the chess player must shift from defeating their opponent by checkmate or gaining a material advantage to USING their remaining pieces (hopefully with more of them left then their opponent!) to support his or her pawn's march to the other side of the board. 

I cover some pretty important fundamentals on endgame pawn structures in this lesson--plus end with one of my favorite positions to show my students. It's a position with two kings, two pawns and a VERY important lesson!

I'll be posting the last lesson of this series (on Tactics) shortly, so keep an eye out for it!

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Here's the lesson!