Coach Jay's Chess Academy Affiliate Program

As a chess coach, I've always been on the lookout for tools to help make my job easier. Eventually, I decided to start making my own! Now, 23 years and 35,000+ students later, I am excited to be able to make my complete curriculum available to students, parents and chess coaches alike!

And now, you can earn 10% cash back for every student, friend, family member, social media follower you tell about it!

HOW DOES IT WORK? (Three Steps)


Click the "Become and Affiliate" Button to be taken to the affiliate signup page

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.27.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.27.53 AM.png


Fill out the form on that page with 3 simple fields

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Password


Share the link and get 10% back on any preorders made by your students, family, friends, or social media followers. 

I suggest sharing it via:

  • Facebook (via post and Messenger)
  • Twitter
  • Your website/blog
  • Email (especially if you have a newsletter--I made dozens of sales this way!)
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