Hi, I'm Coach Jay!

Since 1994, I've taught over 40,000 kids to play chess at my California Youth Chess League. Over the years, more and more chess coaches kept asking me for copies of my curriculum to use in their classes... I created Coach Jay's Chess Academy! This is the complete curriculum that I've developed and tested in my classrooms over the past 24 years. And now it's available to you at home OR in your classroom!

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The Kickstarter video that started it all...

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Lesson Books

Coach Jay's Chess Academy include 7 Lesson Books, filled with colorful illustrations starting with the very most basic WHITE BELT concepts and advancing all the way to BLACK BELT which is sure to challenge even the youngest of chess prodigies! 

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Puzzle Books

Once your child has worked through the Coach Jay's Chess Academy lesson books, it's time master the concepts they've learned with hundreds of pages of fun and challenging puzzles!

From WHITE BELT to BLACK BELT, every one of these puzzles has been created and tested with thousands of young chess players and is guaranteed to help them progress through and retain even the most advanced chess tactics and strategies!

The Chess Passport

With FUN Stickers to Reward Students for their Progress!

Every copy of Coach Jay's Chess Academy comes with a CHESS PASSPORT and sticker pack! Your child or student will LOVE earning stickers for every lesson, puzzle section, book and achievement!

The CHESS PASSPORT helps keep kids excited and engaged--plus there are even a few stickers for playing in tournaments, to encourage them to take the next step in their scholastic chess career!

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