For over two decades, Coach Jay has been teaching chess to students, from grades kindergarten to high school.

What started with only a handful of students in 1993 as Chess For Kids, grew over time as the youth of Santa Clarita, California began to fall in love with chess. Eventually, with chess programs in dozens of schools, Chess For Kids became the California Youth Chess League (CYCL).

Over 35,000 students have come through CYCL’s doors over the years. During this time, Coach Jay has picked up a few tricks about teaching chess to youth.


Coach Jay’s Chess Academy is intended as a resource for:

Chess students, from ages K-12
Chess parents
Chess coaches (private clubs)
Chess coaches (school clubs)
…and anyone else involved in scholastic chess!


Coach Jay’s Commitment

In late 1993, Michel (my wife) suggested that I teach chess to kids since I knew chess and enjoyed coaching soccer. It sounded like fun, and so this journey began. Every year, we try to improve what we offer to the families in our program.

It is my pledge that I will always try my best to help your children become better people by improving their thinking skills, study skills, sportsmanship, etiquette, and awareness of the others in their world.